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Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS)

About the Majors and Minors

Interdisciplinary Studies houses many majors and minors that open the boundaries of traditional academic areas by combining courses from different departments to create unique areas of studies for students based on their interests and career plans. IDIS majors earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree by choosing one of several concentrations: Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Ethnic and Intercultural, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Individually Designed. Students can also minor in six global Area Studies to focus on those parts of the world: African, Africana, Asian, European, Latin American, and Middle Eastern. Students who want to tackle big ideas across multiple disciplines can minor in Meta-minors: Cognitive Science, Health Humanities, Religious Studies, Ethnic and Global Literature, User Experience, and Law, Justice and Advocacy. IDIS helps students make important connections between courses, disciplines, and career fields.

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Highly motivated, interested students invested in what they study
  • Learning a variety of professional areas and career skills
  • Making connections between ideas and innovations
  • Enhancing skills in communication, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Professional development and life-long learning
  • SU is the top public school in Maryland for job placement

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Interdisciplinary Studies Potential Career Areas

  • Entrepreneur or Business Owner
  • Innovation Design or Marketing
  • Education, Training, or Consulting
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Government Agencies or Legal Fields
  • Management or Leadership
  • Human Resources
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Meet Megan – Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Hear how Megan designed a personal major that meets the needs of her future career goals.

Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations

The IDIS major is ideal for students who want an education and career that combine multiple disciplines, not offered by traditional majors. Students select one of several concentrations: Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Ethnic and Intercultural Studies [suspended - new students will not be admitted], Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Individually Designed.


Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Internship Application Interdisciplinary Studies Program IDIS 490

The IDIS internship is designed to be multi-disciplinary and flexible. Our goal is to help you set your goals and measure your progress across the bridge. An internship should help you prepare for your future, broaden your horizons, and stretch your limits.

IDIS 490 Internship Application

REACH Internship Information

Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty & Staff