COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Summer

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts supports this weekly series, featuring expert faculty from across SU who connect their disciplinary perspectives to a broader topic. Although the lectures connect with each other throughout the semester, each Monday’s presentation and discussion stands on its own, and no prior attendance is required. Members of both the campus and the community are welcome to attend. The lectures are also available as a one-credit pass/fail course with no prerequisites (as IDIS 205). The 2021 spring semester course begins on January 25th and meets on Mondays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm on Zoom. See below for a complete schedule and registration information. For more information, contact

Spring 2021

SU and Community Members,

As we navigate the complexities of COVID and climate change in our lives, please join us for these crucial conversations.

  • Course: IDIS 205-750 Changing Climate: Changing World
  • Topic: “Climate to COVID: Seeing the Syndemic”
  • When: Spring semester, January 25, 2021- May 3, 2021, Mondays, 7:00-8:30 pm, plus Wednesday, May 12
  • Lead Faculty: Dr. Karl Maier, Psychology, with guest lectures weekly
  • Credit: You may take the course for 1 credit by registering on Gullnet, or you may participate without course credit by enrolling yourself in the free Succeed course site, following the attached directions.
  • Course Description: Rapid environmental change, pandemic infectious disease, obesity, and undernutrition are co-occurring problems that may be understood as a “syndemic” because of their global reach and the common factors that drive them. The interconnected roots and impacts of this syndemic are increasingly evident through the health and socioeconomic disparities now amplified by COVID-19 across diverse populations. The course will explore causes and solutions to the syndemic from various disciplinary perspectives through lectures and discussions with experts from within and outside the Salisbury University community. The course will be held on Zoom, open to members of the campus and broader communities by request.

Please see our SU News Release for even more information: 'Changing Climate, Changing World' Lecture Series January 25-May 12