Salisbury University students on campus

Diversity & Inclusion is Important to Us

SU is committed to making our campus one where every single student feels a sense of belonging. We recognize that throughout history far too many identities, voices, experiences and perspectives have been pushed to the margins; it is our goal at SU to make sure that every student’s identity is seen, heard, honored, included and celebrated on our campus.

A Community You Want To Belong To.

The hub of the Eastern Shore, SU offers a big world experience with a small school feel. You’ll meet students, faculty, and staff representing the full range of the human experience — and because we’re such a tight-knit community, you’ll get to know each other before you know it! As you walk around campus to get to class or grab a bite to eat, you’ll see familiar faces and connect with friends. You’ll meet students, faculty and staff with whom you’ll form meaningful connections which will help you learn more about yourself, others and the world around you!

Ben: Put In What You Want to Get Out

College is a breathing organism. Feed it by working hard, advocating for others and having fun, too. You’ll get more than just a career. You’ll be empowered, connected and prepared for the adventure.

So Many Ways You Can Get Involved

Students, faculty and staff at SU work together to offer a wealth of opportunities, programs and events on campus. Through our Office Diversity and Inclusion and our commitment to the core values for which it is named, it’s our goal to work collaboratively to both create windows through which students can look into the experiences and identities of others, and mirrors through which our students can see their own identities and experiences reflected back. Check out our current events in Panorama!

Clubs and Organizations Abound!

SU offers many student organizations and clubs that celebrate the unique kaleidoscope of identities represented on campus — check them all out here.

Rachel: Be Open to New People and Opportunities

Being an SU student has taught me to be open when meeting new people. By spreading positive energy, I have made life-long friends. I’ve grown as an individual by trying things outside my comfort zone.

Get Involved in Baltimore and D.C.

One of the best aspects of attending SU is our central location between some major metropolitan areas and cultural hubs: Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Annapolis—the oldest state capital in the country! In just an hour or two, you can explore a major city, a museum, historical sites, cultural events, concerts, festivals, and myriad other opportunities! Furthermore, our proximity to these population centers allows you to further explore your identity, get involved in causes that matter to you, and connect with other students, schools, employers, and businesses that can make a difference in your life!

Donovan: Make Powerful Connections In and Out of Class

The world is already diverse; utilize your identities to the best of your ability and don't forget to be inclusive of those around you.