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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The possibilities should be open to you when you walk out the doors of our university. A background in multiple areas of study will not only combine your unique interests into a degree that fits you, it will prepare you for a greater variety of jobs. An interdisciplinary studies degree at Salisbury University allows you to get the best of both worlds and create a major that best suits your goals.

Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies at SU?

SU offers a major in interdisciplinary studies (IDIS) leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. This major is a flexible area of study that gives students the opportunity to earn a degree tailored to their unique academic and professional interests by meshing courses from more than one discipline. The goal of interdisciplinary studies at SU is to hone the skills of analysis and critical thinking, effective communication, research and writing, making you an ideal job candidate for a variety of exciting careers.


The appeal of the interdisciplinary studies major is its flexibility and the opportunity to combine knowledge for a more individualized program. At SU, students can complete the IDIS major through one of five tracks:


Students may choose to enter the interdisciplinary studies program to create an individual and flexible major that is best suited to their interests or career goals. The possibilities are virtually endless, but using various tracks such as the anthropology or ethnic and intercultural studies track, this program could lead to jobs such as:

  • Administrative Aide
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Law Clerk
  • Paralegal
  • Parole Agent
  • Public Administrator
Meet Megan – Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Meet Megan – Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Hear how Megan designed a personal major that meets the needs of her future career goals.

Faculty with Real-World Experience

Students in the interdisciplinary studies program will meet with an experienced coordinator to create a program with classes that best suit their needs.

I wanted to show [them] all of the opportunities that are out there. … This is what we do at SU.
Elizabeth Ragan, Ph.D. IDIS Archaeology Track Coordinator

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