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Law, Justice and Advocacy Minor

In our land of great prosperity, inequality abounds. In our exemplary nation of laws, justice for all is often a far cry from fairness in urban neighborhoods. And in our country’s heartland, the sudden rise in substance abuse threatens the stability and traditional values of families and small communities. And yet, there is still hope: you. At Salisbury University, we will give you the skills to learn about the legal system, morality and social justice, and help you apply them to the areas of society you care about.

Why Choose Law, Justice and Advocacy at SU?

The law, justice and advocacy minor is an interdisciplinary study that combines courses on politics, race, the legal system, morality and social justice. Students choose courses in a number of departments, including:

  • political science
  • philosophy
  • sociology
  • social work
  • history
  • conflict and dispute resolution
  • communications and media
  • psychology

The minor is ideal for those who are looking to attend law school after graduating from SU. As indicated by the American Bar Association, among the core skills they recommend for prelaw students are “public service and promotion of justice” as well as “exposure to the law.” The minor addresses both of these areas. In addition, the program’s interdisciplinary approach allows students interested in a variety of social science and humanity topics to connect the broader concepts of law to their area of interest, be it political power, racial justice or inequality.

Students enrolled in this minor learn the skills necessary to be active members of civil society and engage in participatory citizenship through advocacy courses, internships or involvement with the Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement and its programs with the Washington Center or Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

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