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Janet Dudley-Eshbach Center for International Education

The mission of the JDE Center is to link the SU community to the nation and the world. SU students benefit from international students that study abroad in Maryland in degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate programs, as non-degree-seeking visiting exchange students, and studying English as a foreign language in the English Language Institute. SU students travel with the world earning credits towards their degree programs during full semester, summer and winter term study abroad and study away. Global internships help SU students transition from their studies to their professional careers. Global faculty mobility brings global scholars to the SU faculty and helps SU faculty members to continue to be life-long learners.

Study abroad has shown me that I am capable, and spontaneous, traveling and trying new things on a whim while also getting a valuable education. I also have a new appreciation for people - I always walk away having found some common ground and joy with others. We are all actually quite similar and connected in the end.
Anna Long Salisbury Abroad Exchange: Scotland

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Twenty Days Abroad: A Documentary by Bridget Hayes

SU Media Production major, Bridget Hayes (Class of 2024) articulates in this thoughtful documentary the high-impact learning that can come from study abroad. Some of the transferable skills to post-university life that Ms. Hayes identifies include overcoming challenges, learning to work as a team with peers, appreciating cultural and linguistic diversity, and self-motivation to pursue new opportunities and to take new risks. Ms. Hayes' written narrative as well as her visual storytelling present a compelling vision of high-impact learning through study abroad.

Watch Bridget's brief documentary

ULACIT was a great university and made adjusting to living and studying in a new country so easy. I will never forget my host family who warmly welcomed me into their family for three months or all the amazing sights I saw including volcanoes, black sand beaches, and vast rain forests.
Annie Geitner Salisbury Abroad Exchange: Costa Rica