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The world is getting smaller and your potential to explore it is greater at SU. Every path you take after SU is enhanced by the internationalization of your education. A knowledge of other people, places and cultures provides you the breadth of experience needed to excel in the global community. Whether for a semester or a few weeks, learning about coral reef biology in Honduras, media communications in Mumbai or global health in Cape Town will change your outlook and expand your opportunities. Salisbury Abroad semesters can be integrated into any four-year degree. Each major is different and some majors are more flexible than others. Start planning early to integrate a Salisbury Abroad semester into your college education!

Your Journey Can Begin on Your First Day

Freshman-Sophomore Years: Students in any major can integrate a Salisbury Abroad semester during their first two years through general education courses, major prerequisite courses or minor courses.

Junior Year: SU juniors can choose specific Salisbury Abroad semester programs that are built right into their area of specialization for the major or minor.

Senior Year: In many majors, students can integrate an internship or undergraduate research project with advanced courses in the major or minor during a Salisbury Abroad semester. Such an approach can make a significant contribution to a student’s first resume or graduate school application.

When we were in Florence I actually got to see Michelangelo’s David. He is massive … the pictures do not do him justice. It’s a humbling experience to go see the art you learn about.
Anna Prado Art Major
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