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How To Get Started

It's Just 5 Easy Steps

Creating YOUR own major takes work on the part of YOU!

Current SU students interested in changing their major to Interdisciplinary Studies Individualize Track (IDIS) should complete the following steps. Prospective students will need to wait until they have enrolled at SU to complete a proposal and officially declare the major.

  1. Program Possibilities - Read over the list of Program Possibilities below to learn about what academic disciplines are possible to combine within an IDIS Individual Track major. Of those disciplines, decide what 2-3 approved academic disciplines you desire to combine for the major.
  2. Goal Statement - A written goal statement should address the academic disciplines you would like to combine and how those disciplines will assist you in meeting your academic and/or career goals. Please review Sample Goal Statements below for more details.
  3. Course Lists - Compile a list of possible 300/400 level courses that you might be interested in taking for your major. A minimum of 30 credits at the 300/400 level between the 2-3 approved academic disciplines is required. Please note ANY prerequisites involved at the 100/200 level that you might need to complete before the 300/400 level courses. This information can be found in the University Catalog.
  4. Complete an IDIS Proposal Form - Students interested in the IDIS Individualized Track with Business Administration should complete this specified form. 
  5. Have Your IDIS Proposal & Change of Major Approved - Once you have prepared your Interdisciplinary Studies proposal, you must have the proposal approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator. The Coordinator might approve your proposal via email or may wish to meet with you directly. After your IDIS proposal is approved, the Coordinator will complete the Change of Major form and assign you a new academic advisor.