Help Put the “Human” in Health Care

Health Humanities Minor

The minor fosters a critical reflection on the meanings of health, illness and human suffering. It prepares students for responsible decision-making as health professionals or citizens through rigorous examinations of the values guiding health care and the context of health problems.

Why Choose Health Humanities at SU?

Drawing on the integrated approach to health care education within the programs of SU’s College of Health and Human Services, SU’s health humanities minor goes a step further and promotes the integration of the humanities in the understanding and practice of health care and medicine. This area of study promotes the move to center the “human” in health care.

For those pursuing health care-adjacent careers, the minor is also a smart choice. For example, according to the PR Council (2019), health care is one of public relation’s fastest-growing areas. Beyond patient care, the program is ideal for students interested in a variety of professions, including:

  • Health care policy or law
  • Communications and social marketing
  • Psychology
  • Public or global health
  • Social work
  • Patient advocacy
  • Health journalism

The curriculum offers a diverse array of courses from communication, philosophy, nursing, psychology, sociology and other disciplines to provide a deeper awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of health and disease. You learn the analytical skills necessary for critical thinking and effective communication about the challenges involved with health care.

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