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Sample Goal Statements

The Interdisciplinary Studies Individual Track offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to combine academic disciplines in order to create a major unique to their own academic and career goals. When creating a goal statement, consider the two or three academic disciplines that you would like to combine. Please see the IDIS Program Possibilities information above that provides examples of the various academic disciplines that can be used within the Interdisciplinary Studies Individual Track.

A goal statement should touch upon how the academic areas you’ve selected to combine relate to your academic and career goals. Please review the examples of goal statements below that other IDIS students have recently created when designing their Interdisciplinary Studies program:

PSYC/CADR: In PYSC, I would like to focus on psychology pertaining to the law as well as drugs and behavior. In CADR, I would like to concentrate on domestic relations and negotiations. I am pursuing a career in law enforcement, which requires extensive knowledge from these two areas of study.

BUAD/POSC: In Business, I plan to work in the fields of management and finance. In Political Science I’d like to focus on governmental policies and ideologies, both national and international. Therefore I will have a firm base to go into international business for the federal government.

BIO/PSYC/HLTH: I want to combine these areas to emphasize my interest in science and prepare me for the second degree nursing program. These academic disciplines and courses will provide with me with thorough background to later help me in nursing to understand patient needs. My ultimate goal is to graduate with my BS in IDIS in order to enroll SU’s in the accelerated second degree nursing program starting.

BIOL/PHIL: I want to focus on genetics and cellular mutations in biology. I want to emphasize ethics and environmental philosophy. My career goal is to be an environmental advocate for a government or non-profit organization such as the State of New Jersey, The Surfrider Foundation, or the Maryland Wildlife Conservancy.

MUSC/BUAD: I want to specialize in music theory and keyboard/guitar. I want to emphasize finance and promotions management in U.S. and international business. I plan to perform in a band and manage music groups as a talent promoter.

CMAT/GEOG: In Communication Arts, I want to emphasize mass media and television production (news broadcasting and editing). In Geography, I want to emphasize weather and climate. My career goal is to be a weather forecaster for a regional or national television network.

Gerontology/PSYC: In gerontology, I will emphasize the importance of the proper health care that the Geriatric population not only need in today’s society but also the care and dignity that they desire for their years of service to this nation. In psychology, I want to emphasize on psychology of the elderly to help them cope with the idea of their mortality.

CMAT/CADR: I want to combine CMAT/CADR in order to work towards being a guidance counselor. I feel the skills and experiences I can gain through these two academic disciplines will assist me in achieving my future career goals.