Salisbury University students on campus

Henson School of Science

If you are a student interested in or already pursuing a degree in the Henson School, you’ll find helpful information specific to you here.

Salisbury University offers extraordinary opportunities for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM@SU) education at all levels.

If you are a current student with a declared major within the Henson School of Science and Technology, then you have an assigned advisor who is a faculty member in your department. Your faculty advisor is the best first person to ask questions about your classes, careers, internships, course requirements, graduate school and anything else related to your major. Your advisor will make recommendations for what courses you should take each semester during program planning. It is ultimately your responsibility for making sure you complete all degree requirements, but your advisor can help you along the way!

Declaring/Changing Your Major/Minor to a Henson Program

If you are considering declaring or changing to a major within the Henson School, this important information shows you how to change/declare a major, as well as important information on each of the majors available within the school.

Course Repeat Policy

The Henson School of Science and Technology Repeat Policy was established to identify students who may be having academic difficulties and provide them with appropriate academic support. Ensuring our students have the opportunity to complete an exceptional education within four years is an essential part of Salisbury University’s commitment to students, however many need extra support from the University to keep them on track. By offering intensive levels of academic intervention, SU strives to give students additional academic support based on their needs.

Students may repeat courses offered by the Henson School of Science and Technology one time at Salisbury University without special permission. This policy applies to all undergraduate courses offered in the Henson School of Science, effective academic year 2013-2014. (Note: Other restrictions on course repeats may apply; check with specific academic programs for details.)

Information for Faculty

You are the heart of Henson advising! The Academic Advising Center will help you with our mission to provide quality advising to all Henson majors and minors at Salisbury University.

Unless a student has extremely unusual circumstances, late withdrawals will not be approved. Failing a class is not considered an extremely unusual circumstance. Please do not give students “permission” to withdraw from your class. Instead, tell them the process is handled in the Dean’s Office and send them to see the Advising Services Coordinator.