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Computer Science Major

Computer technology has become an integral part of our everyday life and changed the way people live and conduct business. People who become professionals in computer technology have enormous number of opportunities. Computer science majors at Salisbury University receive state-of-the-art education in computer science as well as the mathematical principles upon which it rests.

Why Choose a Computer Science Major at Salisbury University?

What is a computer science degree useful for? In our modern society, majoring in computer science can take you just about anywhere! At SU, our Computer Science Program prides itself on its commitment to student success and the excellent connection between our faculty members and our students – and the results show. Our computer science students have access to some features special to our program:

  • Small class size. The capacity of all our classes is below 25 students. Each and every one of our students can receive the special attention they deserve from their professors both inside and outside classrooms.
  • Individual attention. Each student is assigned to an academic advisor who is also a faculty member who work with you throughout your time at SU. Students and faculty advisors meet at least once every semester to discuss course scheduling and career development.
  • Research experience. We offer a variety of undergraduate research opportunities, a learning experience not many undergraduates receive at other universities. Many computer science students engage in research projects with faculty mentors, which have led to publications in journals, presentations at professional meetings and departmental honors theses. SU hosts an annual Student Research Conference, where student research results are presented to faculty and peers. We also sponsor students to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Learn more about our undergraduate research program.
  • Amazing outcomes. The Chronicle of Higher Education named SU among the nation’s best colleges at enrolling and graduating women in computer science. Among public institutions, SU was ranked No. 1 for having the highest percentage of female recipients of bachelor’s degrees in computer science.
  • State-of-the-art facilities. Our computer science students have access to the latest technology. Our department has three computer laboratories available for instruction and research, as well as teaching labs with different operating systems. We also offer two new labs – a robotics/drone lab and security lab – for students to use for their class projects and undergraduate research.
  • Internship programs. To enhance classroom learning, our internship program provides a professional experience in which students work in private sectors, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Students use their computer science skills to solve real-world problems and earn credits toward their degree. Learn more about our internship programs on the Computer Science Department’s home page.

Our undergraduates receive a solid education in the rapidly developing field of computer science and are well-prepared for careers in real world. Our comprehensive curriculum offers a diverse range of courses:

  • Programming languages, system programming, operating systems, database design and implementation, software engineering
  • AI, data visualization and interpretation
  • Computer networks and security
  • Robotics and computer architecture
  • High-performance computing
  • Computer graphics, object-oriented design, GUI and event-driven programming

 For those interested in this field, SU also offers a computer science minor, which can complement many other SU majors.

Meet Nathan – Computer Science Major

Meet Nathan – Computer Science Major

Learn about our cutting edge technology and how this major is preparing Nathan to pursue videogame design.

Computer Science Major Options

The computer science major curriculum provides a wide range of courses that covers many sub-disciplines. Major foci provide students a flexible program to match their interests, better align with their career goals and improve their career prospects.

Careers in Computer Science

What jobs can you get with a computer science degree? The field is open! A computer science major could pursue a variety of rewarding careers. SU graduates have worked as software engineers at large corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yelp, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan, as well as government agencies such as NASA and NSA. Possible career paths for our computer science majors include:

  • Software and web development
  • Cloud engineering
  • Cyber-security sector
  • Data analytics
  • Database administration
  • Entrepreneurship

Some of our students also majoring in computer science decide to continue their studies in graduate school, and their solid undergraduate education and research experience has helped them get accepted by many prestigious graduate programs.

Computer Science Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty is committed to the education of their students and provides many opportunities for majors in computer science to learn and grow both in and outside of the classroom.

Meet Your Computer Science Faculty:
Giulia Franchi

Giulia Franchi Headshot

Dr. Giulia Franchi’s research focuses on robotics, robot design, robotic grasping and manipulation, 3D printing as well as drones and UAVs. In her lab at SU, she has conducted research with students to construct a robot “caterpillar” made of soft rubbers capable of traversing complex terrains to study natural environments without disturbing wildlife. Her work with SU students bridges gaps between computer science and other areas of interest, such as nature and biology.

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