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Go Behind the Data

Data Science Minor

Data science is the study of how to extract meaning from data. At Salisbury University, we recognize this a growing career opportunity and are positioned to make our graduates leaders in the field through our robust and interdisciplinary approach.

Why Choose a Data Science Minor at Salisbury University?

How useful is a data science minor? You may be surprised! The data science minor appeals to students from a variety of disciplines because whether it is the sciences, the social sciences, the humanities or business, the reach of data within a discipline and the need to understand its possibilities and its impact on society are continuously growing. A data science minor may help a student from any major as they analyze and manipulate the complex data that is prevalent in all future careers.

At SU, our Mathematics and Computer Science Department students have access to the latest technology. Our department has computer laboratories available for instruction and research, teaching labs running with different operating systems, and a new high-performance computer lab.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a data science major.

Decision-makers have unprecedented access to voluminous sets of data; however, deriving meaning and actionable insights from that data requires specialized tools and expertise.
MARK MULLER, PH.D. Professor, Physics Department

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