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Geographic Information Science Minor

Get ready to chart your course. Emphasizing the “where,” geographers study the character of places by examining the interactions between the economic, cultural and physical environment of a place. Studying geography is one of the best ways to understand your world and to become a better global citizen. At Salisbury University, our geographic information sciences minor is designed for students whose emphasis is on mapping sciences.

Why Choose a Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor at Salisbury University?

One key feature of our coursework in the Department of Geography and Geosciences is SU’s commitment to experiential studies. Many of the core and elective courses in the program include hands-on lab activities and class field trips. The interdisciplinary minor in geographic information science (GIS) explores advanced GIS topics and various geography, computer science and information systems courses.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a geography major with a GIS track.

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