Wayne Street Garage

Visitor & Event Parking Information

  • Visitors MUST register for a Visitor Parking Permit. The pass may be obtained free of charge online through the Parking Portal link below.
  • If you are a student or an employee, you will not be considered a visitor and must purchase a permit to park in any SU lot. The Parking Portal link below will allow for student/employee permit purchases. 
  • Visitors to campus and those attending events on campus may park in the Visitor lot beside Holloway Hall (off of Camden Avenue) or any legal space designated for red, green, or orange permits. Visitors may also park in the Parking Garage located on Wayne Street. Visitors may not park in any space designated for Service Vehicles.
  • Visitors are responsible for all parking violations received while on campus. The first ticket for this violation may be voided by using the Parking Portal link below. Visitors ticketed for “Failure to Register Vehicle” must process their appeal request within 10 calendar days of issuance and through the parking portal to be considered for a one-time courtesy void.
  • Visitors are responsible for payment or adjudication of any subsequent parking citations they receive while on campus.
  • Visitor parking permits will be issued in 30 day increments with a maximum of 3 permits issued at one time.

Parking Portal

License Plate Recognition

Salisbury University has moved to license plate recognition in place of physical permits to ensure vehicles are authorized to park on campus. This change was effective December 2021. Parking Services will also use mounted cameras to scan license plates as valid permits and issue citations to vehicle without University permits.

  • The vehicle license plate is the permit, and everyone who parks on campus must register for a permit. Students and employees must purchase a permit to park on any University property. These permits are valid for the entire academic year, beginning the first day of the Fall semester. Visitors may register for free permits – subject to approval by Parking Services.
  • The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the license plate information at the time the parking permit is obtained. Do not include spaces, dashes, or symbols. [See Examples & Sample Plates (PDF)]
  • License plates MUST FACE THE DRIVING LANE to be scanned for compliance. A vehicle may be cited if its plate cannot be scanned. SU follows Maryland law in that a license plate must be properly affixed to the vehicle. This means that license plates lying on the dashboard of a vehicle will be cited for not parking Plates Out. Vehicles with only ONE LICENSE PLATE are not authorized to back in or pull through spaces and may be cited.
  • Citations issued due to inaccurate plate information or the inability to scan are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Waiving of citations will not be done for plates entered inaccurately when registering for a permit.
  • Employees who may have more than one vehicle registered for their permit, may only park one registered vehicle on campus at a time. If two or more vehicles from a unique parking registration are found parked on campus at the same time, then each vehicle will be issued a citation.