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Perdue School of Business

If you are a student interested in or already pursuing a degree in the Perdue School, you’ll find helpful information specific to you here. You are encouraged to engage actively in the advising process with your faculty advisor, listed in your GullNet account. An active partnership is critical to effective advising – and timely and successful completion of your college degree. Perdue School of Business (PSB) students are considered to be in the Pre-Professional Program until the admission requirements for the Professional Program have been met.

Perdue School Majors and Minors

The Perdue School of Business offers the following majors:

Pre-Professional Program

Perdue School students complete a Pre-Professional Program that consists of about 33 credit hours of lower-division coursework designed to provide a broad knowledge base essential to success in the major.

Professional Program

If you are seeking a Bachelor of Science in one of the Perdue School of Business majors, you will need to apply for admission to the Professional Program in the Perdue School of Business. To apply, students submit the Gate Application. Typically, you apply in the last semester of your sophomore year or the first semester of your junior year.

Steps to enroll for Next Semester

Program planning happens fall and spring semester. This is when you communicate with your advisor about what courses you should register for the following semester.

Yearly Goals

As a Perdue School student, you are expected to meet several milestones each year as you progress through your degree program.

Perdue Parent Information

We know you play an important role in your student’s college career, so information regarding their business degree can be found right here!

Your student has multiple advising resources: The Student Business Leaders are peers within the Perdue School who can answer any questions students may have. Also, each student is assigned an individual faculty advisor that they can meet with to discuss their specific issues privately. (Faculty advisors are listed on their GullNet account). Finally, the Advising Services Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator and Academic Advising Center staff are another resource for your student’s advising and professional development needs that will meet with students on a referral basis. Any specific questions may be directed towards our Student Business Leaders at