a map of the world, as studied by an SU geography major
Find Your Place in the World

Geography Major

Get ready to chart your course. Emphasizing the “where,” geographers study the character of places by examining the interactions between the economic, cultural and physical environment of a place. Why do we study geography? It is one of the best ways to understand your world and to become a better global citizen.

Why Choose a Geography Major at Salisbury University?

One key feature of our coursework in the geography degree is SU’s commitment to experiential studies. Many of the core and elective courses in the geography program include hands-on lab activities and class field trips. Many students also take part in groundbreaking research with faculty mentors. Research SU students have conducted in the geography program include wildlife conservation projects such as studying elephants in Zimbabwe using GPS and researching the interactions of humans and bearded capuchin monkeys in Brazil.

The diversity of geography-related professions is stunning. Our graduates work for the CIA, EPA, National Park Service, NASA, U.S. Geological Survey and more. They are Department of Natural Resources Police who patrol the Chesapeake Bay, computer cartographers and geographic information system managers for the U.S. Census Bureau and Geospatial Intelligence, private consultants, and NYC real estate developers. Several can be seen forecasting the weather on television.

A bachelor’s degree in geography provides the academic and technical skill sets to work in a variety of occupations. Our graduates work in both the public and private sectors, and our department maintains a strong alumni network, enabling current students and recent graduates to connect with internships and job opportunities.

Our department focuses on undergraduate student success. Our faculty’s open door policy and dedicated computer lab enable our majors to acquire the skills necessary to obtain jobs in their field following graduation. The program serves as a strong foundation for students continuing on to graduate studies or a career in geography.

For those interested in this field, but not wanting to major in it, SU also offers a geography minor.

Geography Major Tracks/Concentrations

At SU, students may complete the geography major in one of six tracks/concentrations. All majors complete a set of core courses that provide a foundation for choosing a track/concentration. Many geography majors are able to complete more than one track/concentration in support of their career objectives.

Meet Samantha – Geography Major

Meet Samantha – Geography Major

Learn how Samantha is pursuing her love of atmospheric science through the geography major.

Careers for Geography Majors

Graduates with a geography degree may find employment in a range of sectors, including with the public or in education, commerce or tourism. What jobs can you get as a geography major? With a Salisbury education in geography, you can find your place in the world with one of the following careers:

  • Climatologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Geographical Information Systems Officer
  • Landscape Architect
  • National Park Service Ranger
  • Recycling Officer
  • Town Planner

Geography Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty is committed to the success of our students, and their open door policy allows students to seek help any time they need it.

Meet Your Geography Faculty:
Andrea Presotto

Andrea Presotto Headshot

Dr. Andrea Presotto’s specialization is in geographic information sciences and remote sensing applied to animal navigation, spatial cognition and movement. She has involved her students in many exciting research projects, such as studying elephants in Zimbabwe and capuchin monkeys in Brazil to identify solutions to help people and animals better coexist. The students she has mentored have earned prestigious awards for their work, including the Barry Goldwater Scholarship.

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