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SU Libraries' Information Literacy Partners Program

The SU Libraries Information Literacy Partner of the Month Award is given semi-monthly to honor the faculty with whom we partner in teaching students to find, evaluate, and effectively use information. By highlighting the variety of ways in which SU Libraries partners with faculty in teaching, the Information Literacy Partner of the Month Award enhances faculty awareness of what research librarians do as educators and it encourages faculty to work with us in traditional and new ways that support students. In addition to recognizing recipients on the Libraries' website and social media, we also purchase a book in the faculty member's honor.

2023 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2023 Dr. David Burns Communication
April/May 2023 Dr. Sherry Maykrantz Public Health
September/October 2023 Dr. Michele Schlehofer Psychology

2022 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2022 Dr. Ellen Schaefer-Salins Social Work
September/October 2022 Dr. Kyle Teller Mathematical Sciences
November/December 2022 Dr. Vinita Agarwal Communication

2021 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2021 Dr. Kara French History
April/May 2021 Dr. Emin Lelić History
September/October 2021 Lauren Hill Clarke Honors College
November/December 2021 Dr. Jennifer Nyland Biological Sciences

2020 Partners

Month Partner Department
April/May 2020 Dr. Dean Ravizza Secondary and Physical Education
September/October 2020 Dr. Yujia Song Philosophy

2019 Partners

Month Partner Department
September/October 2019 Dr. Jennifer Kruglinski Art
November/December 2019 Dr. Jennifer Liston Art

2018 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2018 Dr. Emin Lelić History
April/May 2018 Dr. Kayla Follmer Management & Marketing
September/October 2018 Dr. Isabel Quintana Wulf English
November/December 2018 Dr. Maida Finch Literacy Studies

2017 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2017 Prof. Laura Marinaro Health & Sport Sciences
April/May 2017 Prof. Christina Camillo
Prof. Meghan East
Health Sciences
September/October 2017 Dr. Sherry Maykrantz Health & Sport Sciences

2016 Partners

Month Partner Department
February/March 2016 Dr. Victoria Pass Art
April/May 2016 Sara Lowery Office of Student Activities
November/December 2016 Dr. Diane Illig Sociology

2015 Partners

Month Partner Department
March 2015 Dr. Loren Marquez English
April 2015 Dr. Mark de Socio Geography & Geosciences
September 2015 Prof. Andriana Rangel Respiratory Therapy
November 2015 Leanne Wood
Lauren Hill

2014 Partners

Month Partner Department
October 2014 Dr. Michael Lewis Environmental Studies
November 2014 Dr. Seth Friese Chemistry