Guerrieri Academic Commons arial view from front entrance.

Information Literacy Partner of the Month

April/May 2017

Congratulations to Professors Christina Camillo and Meghan East of the Department of Health Sciences, who are the SU Libraries Information Literacy Partners of the Month for April-May.  This is what Mou Chakraborty, Director of External Library Services and liaison to Health Sciences, wrote in nominating them:

[They] understand the role information literacy plays in student learning. I’ve been integrated in MDTC 300, 471, and HONR 212 from the initial planning stages. We have had extensive meetings to discuss the syllabi and library assignments. They have been very receptive to new ideas for assignments and haven’t been reluctant to try out different things. Both incorporate a Research Log for credit and interactive web evaluation assignments into their respective courses, and they encourage students to follow up with me. For Christina’s HONR 212 course, she gave me two full class periods and I was able to delve into more active learning, including group work. I also took the class to the Nabb Center and had our new University Archivist do a relevant presentation. Last fall, for MDTC 300, Meghan created a graded library related assignment with rubrics. I have also been an embedded librarian in the MyClasses component of their courses. Both Christina and Meghan epitomize faculty-librarian collaboration; they have truly made me feel welcome in their MDTC program. Both of them are a pleasure to work with. I have been very fortunate I get to liaise with a department headed by Dr. Diane Davis and with fantastic faculty who take an active interest in students’ lifelong learning and are always willing to collaborate with the library.
Mou Chakraborty Director of External Library Services

It is for this willingness to creatively work with librarians that we have chosen Profs. Camillo and East as the SU Libraries Information Literacy Partners of the Month for April-May.

In addition to recognizing Profs. Camillo and East on the SU Libraries’ website and social media, we also will purchase books in fields of their choice to be added to the Libraries’ collection in their honor.