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Information Literacy Partner of the Month

September/October 2019

Jennifer KruglinskiCongratulations to Dr. Jennifer Kruglinski of the Department of Art, who is the SU Libraries’ Information Literacy Partner of the Month for September-October.  This is what Ian Post, Local History Archivist in the Nabb Center, wrote in nominating her:

Jenn has brought her ART 391 (History of Photography) class to the Nabb Center classroom five times this semester (with two more visits planned) to work with different examples of historic photographs from the archival collections and cameras from the artifact collection. In the first visit, I spoke to the students about the Nabb Center collections and photographic preservation. Most visits, Jenn conducts a lecture about a photographic process or period and allows the students to spend time with collections we’ve pulled in connection with the lecture. Working hands-on with these primary sources, the students have tangibly engaged with the content of the lectures in a unique way that has led to interesting class discussions, a better understanding of photography on the Delmarva Peninsula, and an appreciation for the role libraries, archives, and museums play in cultural preservation. Jenn has also used photographer advertisements she found in our local newspapers for lectures and also brought in her ART 300 class to work with Japanese woodblock prints during her lecture on modernist painters.
Ian Post Local History Archivist Edward H. Nabb Center

It is for this willingness to creatively work with librarians to help students engage with information sources that we have chosen Dr. Kruglinski as the SU Libraries’ Information Literacy Partner of the Month for September-October.

In addition to recognizing Dr. Kruglinski on the SU Libraries’ website and social media, we also will purchase a book in a field of her choice to be added to the Libraries’ collection in her honor.