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Information Literacy Partner of the Month

November/December 2022

Kyle Teller

​Congratulations to Dr. Vinita Agarwal of the Department of Communication, who is the SU Libraries’ Information Literacy Partner of the Month for November-December!

In nominating Dr. Agarwal, James Parrigin, Coordinator of Library Instruction and liaison to Communication, wrote:

I’d like to nominate the Communication Department’s Dr. Vinita Agarwal as an Information Literacy Partner of the Month for working with me during her design of a COMM 390/394 Special Topics in Communication: Health Engagement and Advocacy course, which is underway this semester, Fall 2022. In a semester-long project, students research and bring awareness to health topics of historically underserved or underrepresented communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Strategically selected library interventions during the course provide students with information literacy instruction on primary and secondary source location, evaluation, analysis, and synthesis. This support is provided by the Nabb Center’s Ian Post and Research & Instruction Services’ James Parrigin. The final products bring attention to health topics in the form of student-created Wikipedia pages, presentations at a 3rd Friday event in downtown Salisbury, and potentially, as publication additions to SU SOAR institutional repository.
James Parrigin Coordinator of Library Instruction and Liaison to Communication

It is for this willingness to creatively work with librarians to help students engage with information sources that we have chosen Dr. Agarwal as our IL Partner of the Month for November-December.

In addition to recognizing Dr. Agarwal on the SU Libraries’ website and social media, we also will purchase a book in a field of her choice to be added to the Libraries’ collection in her honor.