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Information Literacy Partner of the Month

October 2014

The SU Libraries are proud to recognize Dr. Michael Lewis of the Environmental Studies Department as the inaugural winner of the SU Libraries Information Literacy Partner of the Month Award. This is a new award we will be giving monthly to honor the faculty with whom we partner in teaching students to find, evaluate, and effectively use information. In addition to recognizing Dr. Lewis on the SU Libraries’ website and social media, we also will purchase a book in his field of study to be added to the Libraries' collection in his honor.

It is fitting that we begin awarding this in October, which is National Information Literacy Awareness Month. The presidential proclamation for the first National Information Literacy Awareness Month in 2009 noted:

Every day, we are inundated with vast amounts of information. A 24-hour news cycle and thousands of global television and radio networks, coupled with an immense array of online resources, have challenged our long-held perceptions of information management. . . . We now live in a world where anyone can publish an opinion or perspective, whether true or not, and have that opinion amplified within the information marketplace. . . . In addition to the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, it is equally important that our students are given the tools required to take advantage of the information available to them. The ability to seek, find, and decipher information can be applied to countless life decisions, whether financial, medical, educational, or technical.
Presidential Proclamation for the first National Information Literacy Awareness Month
A stalwart supporter of learning and libraries, Dr. Lewis has worked closely with SU Libraries staff to create long-standing partnerships between librarians and his students. Susan Brazer, the liaison to Environmental Studies, observes,
Mike has consistently had me embedded as a faculty librarian in his Local Environmental History class for YEARS now. . . . I am not only embedded in the MyClasses sense, but I also attend every class session (just like he himself does as the primary instructor) and throughout the semester he spends weekly class time deferring to me as the faculty librarian - asking about library resources, online resources, ways to go about finding that information that he had just mentioned or gone over in class, etc. . . . Mike consistently approaches me in the summer/winter with rough syllabi in hand, asking for feedback on an assignment that he is mulling over creating, or else he sets a meeting time with me and we talk about it in person. . . . Once his program became a full-fledged department, he was first in line to talk about creating an Information Literacy agreement with us, to truly formalize how his entire cadre of folks goes about working with us. As his department is filled with folks who started off their lives as sociologists, geographers, economists, philosophers, history faculty, etc. - you can imagine how invaluable this is! We don’t have anything in place yet, but he's strongly advocating for one. . . . And lastly - he **constantly** directs students my way - all semester!
Susan Brazer Chair of Research/Instructional Services

It is for this willingness to partner in so many ways that we have chosen Dr. Michael Lewis as the inaugural awardee for the SU Libraries' Information Literacy Partner of the Month Award.