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Enterprise Information Systems Minor

The enterprise information systems minor provides students with an understanding of the role of enterprise-level information systems, particularly enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, in organizations. ERP refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing. Such systems are being used increasingly in all types of organizations.

Why Choose Enterprise Information Systems at SU?

The enterprise information systems minor provides both theoretical background and hands-on experience with enterprise systems focusing on ERP systems, large integrated information systems used in most organizations to support tactical and strategic functions. It is intended to prepare non-information systems majors for employment in organizations through an understanding of integrated business processes and how an enterprise system supports such processes – a way to make you stand out from others in your major.

Advantages for Business School (non-information systems) Majors

Since ERP software is used in the vast majority of organizations, a thorough understanding of integrated business processes and an ERP system will complement deep content knowledge in accounting, finance, management and marketing.

Advantages for Computer Science Majors

Companies that implement an ERP system almost always have to customize the software to reflect existing processes, which requires a knowledge of programming, but an understanding of those business processes and how the system facilitates them results in highly sought-after knowledge to complement computer sciences skills.

The enterprise information systems minor requires 19 credit hours, any of which may be used to fulfill other degree requirements. The minor requires the following course of study.

Students must take the following required courses:

  • ACCT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • INFO 211 Information Systems Concepts for Management
  • INFO 311 Business Systems Analysis and Design
  • INFO 370 Enterprise Systems and Integrated Business Processes
  • INFO 471 Advanced Topics in ERP Systems

Complete one of the following approved electives:

  • ACCT 420 Accounting Information Systems
  • COSC 386 Database Implementation
  • INFO 315 Project Management
  • INFO 326 Operations Management
  • INFO 340 Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • INFO 386 Database Management Systems

All courses must be completed with a C or better and none may be credit only. At least nine credits must be earned at Salisbury University. Course substitutions are not allowed.

The enterprise information systems minor is open to any student at SU except for information systems majors, who can follow the enterprise systems track in the information systems major.

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