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Make Sure the Price Is Right

Professional Sales Minor

Whether you’re going door to door to raise funds for a student organization or selling an item of your own to earn cash, you have to know who would want what you’re offering and how much they’d pay for it. When you know how to excite the right customers into making a purchase, the price is always right. With the professional sales minor at Salisbury University, you can build on fundamental sales skills.

Why Choose a Professional Sales Minor at Salisbury University?

The professional sales minor provides students with an understanding of sales and sales-related functions in an organization. Sales is a very important function as it is the only revenue-generating function in an organization.

Our program’s selling point is that SU has been ranked among the top schools for professional sales education.

The sales minor is open to any student at SU, provided they meet the course prerequisites. The minor requires an internship in sales through our Applied Business Learning Experience program. Students who have completed their ABLE internship in another area will be required to complete a new ABLE internship in the area of sales.

For a more in-depth study, you may consider SU’s marketing major.

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Salisbury University Has One of Top Sales Programs in the U.S.

Salisbury University’s sales program is one of the best in the nation. Home to the Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing Institute (MASMI), SU gives students the skills to connect and place them in jobs. In fact, many of SU’s sales students not only land jobs before graduation, they have their pick of many top positions. Started in 2015, SU’s sales program is one of only 27 programs nationally recognized by the University Sales Center Alliance.

When students leave SU, they are going to be working in teams to make decisions and presentations. The type of training here prepares them for that and helps them develop a boardroom presence.
Marvin Brown, J.D. Marketing and Management Department Faculty

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