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Management Major

Are you the person who gets things done? Step up to a higher class of management at Salisbury University. Management is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, managing resources, deploying the assets needed to achieve objectives and measuring results. It also includes recording and storing information for later use or for others within the organization. At SU, you’ll learn how to hone your organizational and management skills and be ready to take care of business when you graduate.

Why Choose Management at SU?

At SU, experiential learning on real business projects is emphasized, and you may work with organizations in the community to practice what you learned in the classroom. What’s more, the department conducts a competition each year, and thousands of dollars in prizes are available to students who demonstrate their superior business planning.

SU students can also participate in management and leadership simulations, and all students have the option of a variety of study abroad programs.

In this program, you’ll learn to set goals, formulate strategies, motivate people and monitor performance. With a diverse selection of electives at our school, you can focus on entrepreneurship and small business management, production/operations or even pursue a specialized track in human resource management.

The major also offers a track in human resource management. As organizations have increasingly realized the impact that the human resources (HR) function can have on the bottom line, HR has become an essential and growing field within organizations. Accordingly, the HR profession is projected by the Department of Labor to continue to grow.


For natural-born leaders, the management major prepares students with a blend of theory and applied skills for entry-level management or administrative positions. Take control of your future and work toward a career as:

  • Employee Training Instructor
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Job Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Personnel Recruiter
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Small Business Owner
Video: Meet Nick – Management Major

Meet Nick – Management Major

Find out how SU’s management major is preparing Nick to own his own business someday.

Faculty with Real-World Experience

The management faculty members use a variety of teaching modalities to ensure that the graduates will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful.

When students leave SU, they are going to be working in teams to make decisions and presentations. The type of training here prepares them for that and helps them develop a boardroom presence.
Marvin Brown, J.D. Marketing and Management Department Faculty

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