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Marketing Minor

Marketing skills are applicable in virtually all types of organizations. Marketing courses help prepare students to work in areas such as sales, promotion management (advertising and sales), fashion merchandising, retail management, purchasing, distribution and public relations.

Why Choose a Marketing Minor at Salisbury University?

The minor in marketing provides excellent preparation for careers in promotion management (advertising and sales), fashion merchandising, purchasing distribution, public relations, etc.

Our program’s selling point is that SU has been ranked among the top schools for professional sales education. At SU, we help train the best of the best. Our students have won multiple awards in direct and interactive marketing competitions and placed top five in the nation in a marketing simulation game, among other prestigious titles.

Experiential learning on real business projects is also emphasized, and you may work with organizations in the community to practice what you learned in the classroom. Our student organization, Marketing Excellence, allows students to develop advertising campaigns and local events for organizations.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a marketing major.

To be ranked by the Sales Education Foundation in only our third year of the program is a great honor … Those enrolled in the program are not only getting a top-flight sales education … they are making direct connections with potential employers, often receiving offers even before graduation.
CHRISTY WEER, PH.D. Perdue School of Business Dean

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