Make Sure the Price Is Right

Marketing Major

Whether you’re going door to door to raise funds for a student organization or selling an item of your own to earn cash, you have to know who would want what you’re offering and how much they’d pay for it. When you know how to excite the right customers into making a purchase, the price is always right. Marketing is the business process that organizations use to link its goods, services and ideas to customer needs. Through this process, an organization determines what products it will offer, how to communicate information about its products and how to make its products available to customers. With a marketing degree from Salisbury University, you can greatly build on those fundamental skills.

Why Choose Marketing at SU?

Our program’s selling point is that SU has been ranked among the top schools for professional sales education. Courses cover topics such as advertising, sales, market research, product planning, purchasing, transportation and public relations. You’ll learn how to identify and target customers, create effective promotions, recognize current and future markets, and respond to international markets and cultures.

At SU, we help train the best of the best. Our students have won multiple awards in direct and interactive marketing competitions and placed top five in the nation in a marketing simulation game, among other prestigious titles.

Experiential learning on real business projects is also emphasized, and you may work with organizations in the community to practice what you learned in the classroom. Our student organization, Marketing Excellence, allows students to develop advertising campaigns and local events for organizations.


It’s more than just business; marketing takes various paths by presenting the best qualities of a business, product or person. There is a need for marketing in almost every industry, so pursue your passion and work in areas such as advertising, sales, market research, product planning, purchasing, transportation and public relations. With a Salisbury education in marketing, you could become one of the following:

  • Account Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Promotions and Advertising Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
Meet Gabrielle-Marketing Major

Meet Gabrielle – Marketing Major

Hear how Gabrielle discovered her passion for market research and is channeling that passion into internship and professional opportunities .

Faculty with Real-World Experience

The Department of Management and Marketing faculty’s mission is to produce graduates that possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to live and work in the highly competitive global economy.

To be ranked by the Sales Education Foundation in only our third year of the program is a great honor … Those enrolled in the program are not only getting a top-flight sales education … they are making direct connections with potential employers, often receiving offers even before graduation.
Christy Weer, Ph.D. Perdue School of Business Dean

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