Salisbury University students on campus

Student Resources

The following resources are available to students, if you need assistance or have questions about available resources please contact the DRC.

Online Learning Support

DRC Workshops

Student AccessAbility Peer Advocate Program

The DRC Student AccessAbility Peer Advocate Program (SAA) connects students with disabilities to a knowledgeable peer advocate whose role is to:

  • Provide academic, personal, and social support to students with disabilities;
  • Assist students in acclimating to and navigating the college environment;
  • Facilitate the building of relationships between faculty, staff, and students;
  • Assist students with connecting with campus resources, departments, and services;
  • Foster personal development of self-reliance, self-determination, and self-advocacy; and
  • Assist students with becoming more engaged and socially integrated into their college experience.

All SAA's are DRC-registered upper-class student leaders with GPA’s of 3.0 and above in various academic programs. SAA's are trained and supervised by DRC professional staff.

For more information, please contact Jalesa Hull -SA Specialist

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education

As a student with a disability, you need to be well informed about your rights and responsibilities as well as the responsibilities postsecondary schools have toward you. Being well informed will help ensure you have a full opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the postsecondary education experience. The Office for Civil Rights in the U. S. Department of Education, explains the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities who are preparing to attend postsecondary schools, as well as the obligations of a postsecondary school.

Campus Resources & Services

Internship Accommodations

Students may request accommodations for an internship while attending SU. An internship accommodation may more closely resemble a job accommodation rather than an academic accommodation. Internship accommodations require advance planning and often involve a significant amount of interaction between the academic program, DRC and the student. If you will be participating in an internship experience, plan to discuss whether accommodations will be needed with the DRC as early as possible.