Salisbury University students on campus

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Welcome to the resource page for SU Faculty!

Faculty impart knowledge to students and evaluate whether students have learned the material by creating assignments and exams that allow the student to demonstrate mastery based on course goals, objectives and the nature of the curriculum. This resource page guide was created to provide faculty with procedures specific to Salisbury University, and general information about accessibility services that will be helpful as you work with students with disabilities on campus.

The DRC utilizes Accommodation Information Manager (AIM) to manage student accommodations, appointments, and testing services. Through AIM faculty will be able to:

  • review DRC Accommodation Letters for all students through the overview feature;
  • complete DRC Testing Agreements (Note: The contents of the Agreement can be applied to all of the students in that section registered for testing accommodations).

AIM Instructor Portal: How to View Accommodations for Students Registered with the DRC

  1. Log-in to AIM (SU username and password-Duo is required)
  2. After logging in each time, you will be required to read over a FERPA Confidentiality Statement before viewing a student’s accommodations. Once you have reviewed the statement, click “ Continue to View Student Accommodations”.

Now, you can see an overview of ALL the students in your class who have requested their DRC Accommodation Letters (AL).