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Disability Resource Center

We provide guidance, access to resources and accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Such disabilities could include medical, psychiatric, learning disabilities and/or mobility, visual and/or hearing impairments.

Online Learning Support

DRC Workshops

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to fostering accessible learning opportunities and environments for qualified students with disabilities. We aim to inform, educate and support students with disabilities in ways in which allow them to achieve their educational, career and life goals, on the basis of their personal skills, abilities, interests and values.

To support our mission, we serve as a resource for students and instructors alike and value student self-empowerment, self-direction and self-determination, while believing that access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities should in no way compromise the intended learning outcomes of any educational opportunity or environment inside or outside of the classroom setting.

We emphasize equity in access, rights of privacy and the integrity of academic programs, policies and practices.

Meet our friendly and professional staff and learn how we can assist you.