Scholarships and Awards

Teacher candidates will be linked to scholarships and awards for which they qualify in the Academic Works system. Several scholarships and awards have academic or geographic restrictions, which will be recognized in the system. Access will begin on December 1st and applications are due on February 14th.

Seidel Scholarships

Seidel Scholarships for Education Majors

  • Andes Family Scholarship
  • Carey-Simmons Scholarship
  • Caroline Cramer Korn Scholarship
  • Class of ’43 Scholarship
  • Class of ’58 Scholarship
  • Clinton Bradway, Jr. Scholarship
  • David and Carol Pearl Scholarship
  • Dick '50 & Betty Calcott '53 Wootten Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scherr Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Charles K. Long Scholarship
  • Dr. S. Goldsborough Tyler, Jr. and Catherine A. Tyler Education Scholarship
  • Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship *
  • Mary Ann Reinhold-Praley Maryland Teachers Scholarship
  • Orpah Lee Rommel Scholarship for Education
  • Pearl Family Inspirational Scholarship
  • Wood-Miller Scholarship Program at Salisbury University

Seidel Scholarship for Early Childhood Education Majors

  • Penelope Jarman Memorial Scholarship

Seidel Scholarship for Elementary Education Majors

  • Thomas and Jeanne P. Bulleit Scholarship

Seidel Scholarship for Secondary Education Majors

  • Charles and Eleanor Toth Scholarship for Math Education
  • Charles and Eleanor Toth Scholarship for Science Education

Seidel Awards

Seidel Awards for Education Majors

  • Anne H. Matthews Award
  • Caruther’s Memorial Fund Award
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Chapter Award
  • Worcester County Teachers Association Scholarship Award

Seidel Awards for Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or Double Early Childhood/Elementary Education Majors

  • Dr. Ernest Leighton Bond Classroom Library Award *
  • Riall Award *

Seidel Awards for Secondary Education Majors

  • Marchan R. Ball Memorial Award in History and Social Sciences Education

* The Hattie M. Strong Scholarship, Dr. Ernest Leighton Bond Classroom Library Award, and Riall Award specific application processes and timelines will be shared with teacher candidates via Salisbury University email. Teacher candidates will follow the application process provided within each email, as applications are not submitted through the Academic Works system.

Please contact Mrs. Sara Elburn at 410.677.5042 or if clarification regarding any scholarship or award is needed.