SU Residence Hall Move-Out Suspended as of 8 p.m. March 30

Regional Professional Development Schools

Salisbury University Education Internships During the State-wide School Closure

Dear Intern,

Uncertainty continues for us all. I’d like to once again reassure you that the Seidel School of Education, Salisbury University and the whole teacher preparation community of Maryland is working to ensure you graduate and are eligible for certification this academic year. This will require you to continue being engaged for the remainder of the semester.

School districts are now executing plans to continue instruction virtually until at least April 27th when schools are planning to reopen at this point. To help in that venture we ask that you be in contact with the mentor you were with on March 13th. The Maryland State Department of Education has decided that helping your mentors with virtual instruction is an approved option for you to complete your internship.

  • MSDE memo date March 30, 2020: Identify teacher interns to develop and deliver online lessons and instructional materials in collaboration with the Professional Development and Partner Schools. Teacher candidates would remain in their current internship setting and work in collaboration with mentor teachers to lead or co-lead instruction. MAPs [Maryland Approved Programs] would retain their current practices for mentoring and supervision. If virtual instruction as described is not possible, please contact me immediately so I can provide you with guidance on other MSDE approved activities.

Continue to use the 100 Day Calendar and mark your days. All of last week counts. Just put a “C” in the box to show school closure. If you engage in professional development, use a PD and indicate VT for virtual teaching in the box. Please make sure the calendars are turned in at the end of the internship so that we have evidence of your work this semester. This is critically important as we need to submit a report to MSDE at the end of the semester to indicate how each of you met the internship requirements for licensure.

By completing the MSDE approved activities you are assigned by the Seidel School for the remainder of the semester, you will earn the SU credits toward internship for which you registered, which will ensure completion of your SU degree by carrying out the steps outlined above. Even upon completion of your degree program at SU, you may have additional steps outlined by MSDE after graduation in order to become fully licensed.

Now go wash your hands.
Be well,
Paul Gasior

The mission of the RPDS is to provide a learning community to improve practice and enhance student achievement in Pre-K-12 public schools. The RPDS provides professional development for classroom teachers and Salisbury University faculty. The Seidel School of Education partners with seven counties to provide preparation for prospective teachers enrolled in early childhood, elementary, secondary and P-12 programs in physical education, music, ESOL and TESOL at Salisbury University.
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