Accredited Programs

All undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs in the Seidel School of Education are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Seidel School of Education - Professional Education Unit (PEU)

Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) Data and Reporting

Welcome to the Seidel School of Education Professional Education Unit’s data reporting website. The Seidel School of Education at Salisbury University is committed to demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders and constituents and to providing open access to accreditation-based measures and summary results (CAEP 5.4, A.5.4). The Seidel School is also committed to using these data to support improvements to our programs and to enhance the preparation and experiences of our teacher candidates, advanced program candidates, and completers. On this site, we display data, summaries of findings, and other information based on annual reporting measures for relevant education programs. These include our teacher preparation programs (at the initial program level) as well as our reading specialist and educational leadership programs (at the advanced program level). A listing of programs offered by the Seidel School is available on our home page. Additional information about the Professional Education Unit (PEU) as well as the Teacher Education Council (TEC). For a description of our conceptual framework, please click here.

This page is broken down into three primary sections: I. Impact Measures; II. Outcome Measures; and III. Other Measures, Reports, and Information. The first section includes information, as available, on the impact of completers on P-12 learning and development, indicators of completers’ teaching effectiveness, satisfaction of employers with our completers and related employment milestones, and satisfaction of completers of our programs. The second section includes information on graduation rates, ability of completers to meet licensing requirements, employment outcomes for completers, and other consumer information. Finally, the third section contains miscellaneous reports, including previous CAEP annual reports, Title II reports, and summaries of other unit-level data, of broad interest to our stakeholders.

Reporting Measures