Salisbury University students on campus

Our Conceptual Framework

A Tradition of Caring: Informed Professionals Promoting Student Success and Excellent Practice in Education

Themes and Associated Learning Outcomes

teacher writing on chalkboard

Focus on Student Learning

  • Respect of cultures, values, beliefs and talents of all persons
  • Recognition that self-esteem influences achievement
  • Value of cultural dimensions of communication
  • Understanding how learning occurs


  • Content and pedagogical knowledge grounded in the arts and sciences.
  • Interactive models of teaching that engage all learners and encourage active learning in a scholarly environment.
  • Recognition that careers in education require a lifelong process of scholarly learning.

Informed and Reflective Practice

  • Clear communication of knowledge so that others can learn.
  • Application of pedagogical theory to diverse educational settings.
  • Appreciation of the use of technology as a tool for learning and communication.
  • Informed decision making.
  • Quality performance through critically examined practice.

Professional Collaboration and Development

  • Knowledge of schools as social and political systems.
  • Establishment of productive relationships with parents, educators, and other members of the community.
  • Commitment to teaching, learning and service through participation in professional development.
  • Appreciation of the magnitude of responsibility for education professionals.