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Maryland Rebuilds Grant

“Cradling the Early Years Apprenticeship Program” – (CtEY-AP).

Maryland Rebuilds Grant LogoThe CtEY-AP addresses the need to provide qualified, Early Childhood educators in our local schools. The program is a collaboration of Salisbury University’s Department of Early and Elementary Education (DEEE), Wicomico County Public Schools, and the Eastern Shore Child Care Resource Center.

The goal of the CtEY-AP is to assist paraprofessionals and childcare providers who already have an associate’s degree to earn a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

The CtEY-AP removes many of the existing barriers to certification for current Instructional Assistants. Participation in the CtEY-AP is completely free. The CtEP-AP provides the following free of charge: tuition, textbooks, course materials, flexible class schedules, exam and technology support, professional development activities, stipends for successful completion at the end of each semester, and more.

To obtain more information about the CtEY-AP program contact: Wynnette Curtis (, 410-546-6218

CtEY-AP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)