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Our program imparts a strong background in the fundamentals of computer science and engineering, so that our students are prepared to enter a diverse and rapidly changing job market. We also offer a wide array of upper-level classes for students to learn from our faculty experts in databases, artificial intelligence, robotics, software engineering, algorithms, networking and high-performance computing. We connect students with researchers and real-world clients so that they can hit the ground running after graduation, whether they pursue a career in industry or academia.

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Prepare for a Career in Computer Science at Salisbury University

Salisbury University’s Computer Science Department can help you access a career that is growing in demand. SU’s Henson School of Science and Technology prepares students for careers in fields such as software development, systems analysis, super-computing, data science, systems security and robotics. With cutting-edge technology, close interaction with faculty and undergraduate research opportunities, the possibilities for a future career in computer science are endless.

Computer Science does change the way you solve problems; it provides unlimited opportunity for one to make an impact in every corner.
Dr. Yaping Jing Associate Professor of Computer Science and UPE Faculty Advisor

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