Salisbury University students on campus


Many computer science students participate in internship program at private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the year. They apply what they learnt in school to real world projects and gain valuable experience. Besides earning income, they can also earn credit for their degrees and some received return offers from their internship workplace. In the past, our students have interned at many government agencies, research and academic institutions, and private corporations. Here is a non-exhaustive list: NASA Wallops Island Facility, NSA, Department of Defense, Naval Research Lab, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Lockheed Martin, JP Morgan, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Perdue Farms, Choptank Electric Cooperative, K&L Microwave, etc.

In order to obtain the credit for the internship, students may submit an online application for COSC 380 credit course before starting an internship. Interested employers can submit a job post with the department (no SU login required). For more information, contact Dr. Soeun You, our internship coordinator.

Check out some of our previous students' internship presentations and some comments from internship employers about our students:

“Jacob’s work ethic is very strong. He is here on time and ready to work in the morning and after breaks. He has worked diligently on our website, including on a unique solution that I hadn't considered for an in-house promotion. He has handled some of our more mundane tasks with grace but has truly excelled when challenged with difficult tasks. Any company should jump on the chance to hire Jacob after he graduates. It has been an absolute pleasure having him here this summer.”

“Bizu has been helping our team with day to day tasks. She is acting as our Tier 1 support and is a great team player. She’s very self-sufficient and does not hesitate to ask for help when needs. This past weekend, she helped re-configure an outdated network setup in one of our server rooms. It has been a pleasure having her on staff.”

“Dean did a great job this summer. We let him come into the office a few days a week and other days we gave him some projects and pieces of information to digest from home or wherever he was located. We are a FinTech company with some of the industries’ best technology when it comes to integrated FinTech Applications. Dean showed up every day that he was asked and it was great to see how happy he was with his decision to pursue CS. as an industry.“

“Keep inspiring students to actually learn! It’s the only way they will become great. Hard work + time = success. And success can have any form. Happiness, health, and wealth.”