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Eastern Shore High School Computer Programming Competition

The goal of the Annual Eastern Shore High School Computer Programming Competition is to promote and support computer programming in the secondary education community of the Lower- and Mid-Eastern Shore counties of Delmarva. The competition is held annually, and registration is typically open from November to February.

  • The event provides a fun and challenging programming competition focused on both individual and cooperative achievement. Each participating school may enter a team of up to three students in the competition.
  • The team round presents each school's team with challenging programming problems and/or concept questions. To solve these problems, the team members are encouraged to work together.
  • The individual round presents each student with challenging programming problems to solve independently.
  • Following a lunch buffet in the University Commons (where SU students, faculty and staff dine), an invited presentation occurs followed by the awards ceremony where students with the highest scores in the individual round and the teams with the highest scores in the team round are presented with awards.

For more information, please contact Lauren Ruark,

3rd Annual Competition

The 3rd Annual Eastern Shore High School Computer Programming Competition took place on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. There were 19 students from 7 schools all over the Eastern Shore participated this year. The students did an excellent job competing in an individual contest as well as a team contest. In the afternoon we had a panel discussion with 5 Computer Science upperclassmen who shared their interesting projects/research projects as well as some good tips and advice about this major.

3rd Annual Finalists

  • 1st Place Team: Kent Island High School
    • Coach: Mike Coyner
    • Zachary Pike, Hayden Richardson, Dawson Brown
  • 2nd Place Team: Pocomoke High School
    • Coach: Leah James & Jack Cleveland
    • Christofer Villarreal, Joseph Peloquin
  • Tied for 3rd Place Teams:
    • Kent County High School
      • Coach: William Poore
      • Ben Loller, Ben Hinton, Lynden Saunders
    • James M. Benett High School
      • Coach: Justin Conklin
      • Jacob Lucas, Austin Loar

1st Place Individual: Christopher Villarreal, Pocomoke High School, Coach: Leah James & Jack Cleveland
2nd Place Individual: Zachary Pike, Kent Island High School, Coach: Mike Coyner
3rd Place Individual: Benjamin Chase, Worcester Technical High School, Coach: Mary Miller