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In our increasingly technology-dependent and data-driven world, mathematics and computational skills are central to success. We help you cultivate your point of view as you discover your path in the world of mathematics and computing.

Majors begin their study with a core of courses that introduce the beauty and utility of the four main areas of mathematics: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, data science, and statistics. They routinely work in partnership with faculty and other students to develop as professionals and to acquire skills necessary to succeed in a variety of future endeavors.

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Prepare for a Career in Mathematical Sciences at Salisbury University

In the Mathematical Sciences Department at Salisbury University, you’ll receive an education that counts. SU’s Henson School of Science and Technology offers everything a college student needs to succeed, including cutting-edge technology and facilities, expert faculty mentorship and undergraduate research opportunities. Students can major in mathematics, data science, secondary education and more as they prepare for a career that could lead them to jobs with well-known companies such as Wells Fargo, GEICO, J.P. Morgan or the IRS. At SU, the possibilities are endless.

We want to generate enthusiasm for mathematics among all students, not just those who are best at it.
Dr. Randall Cone Associate Professor Department of Mathematical Sciences

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