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Academic Help Center

The Computer Science department offers academic assistance to all students, with specific classes also benefiting from teaching assistants. Students seeking assistance during a wider range of hours may also visit the Tutoring Center. See details below.

Computer Science Lab Assistants

Computer Science Lab Assistants are student peers that have demonstrated an aptitude for computer science and a willingness to assist others. They are selected based on their leadership and instructional ability and they are available to assist students during designated office hours.

Located in Conway Hall (TETC), Room 219. Lab Assistant hours vary for each class - check the schedule to find your LA's hours.

Interested in being lab assistant/tutor? Contact:
Lauren Ruark, Conway Hall (TETC) 201

Math & Computer Science Tutoring Center

The Mathematics and Computer Science Tutoring Center opens the first day of the second week of class and continues to the last day of class. The center is closed during final exam week and school holidays.

Located in the Mathematics Emporium, GAC 201. No appointment necessary – just drop in anytime during our operating hours.

Library Second Floor

Free tutoring is available for the following courses*

100-level courses:
Math 105, 130, 135, 140, 144, 150, 155 &160
Computer Science 117 & 120 

200-level courses:
Math 201, 202, 210, 215, 216 & 230
Computer Science 220 & 250

  • *Students in other departments' lower-level courses with similar mathematical content to our 100- and 200-level courses may also make use of our tutoring program. However, anytime the tutoring room is especially busy, students being helped with MATH or COSC courses have priority over any other students in the room.
  • *Math 105 has many specialized topics that are not taught in a traditional mathematics curriculum. The tutors can help with the underlying mathematics but they may not have seen these types of applications.
  • *Tutoring is intended primarily for the courses listed at the top of this page. It is not intended for MATH classes numbered 300 or higher.

Questions or comments, contact:
Kim Causey, HS 132B