ProCard Purchasing Guidelines

Purchase from a State Preference | SU & USM Purchasing Policies | Send Requisition to Purchasing for the Following | Code of Ethics | Prices | Sales Tax Exemption | When Phoning in an Order | Shipping | Receipt of Shipments

Purchase from a State Preference

  • Certified Minority Vendors (Visit SU Purchasing Web Site to connect to State MBE listing. The State has a 25% goal for MBE procurements.)
  • Sheltered Workshops (Lower Shore Enterprises, Dove Point)
  • Maryland Correctional Enterprises (Furniture must be purchased from MCE or come through purchasing.)
  • Blind Industries
  • Small Business Reserve Program

SU & USM Purchasing Policies

  • SU Purchasing Policies and Procedures are posted on the SU Purchasing Web Site
  • Visit the SU Purchasing Web Site to connect to the USM Purchasing Policies and Procedures Web Site

Send Requisition to Purchasing for the Following:

  • All Purchases Over Your Card Limit
  • Any purchase involving signing of agreements, licenses, and contracts
  • All purchases excluded from the ProCard Program

Code of Ethics

  • Give Vendors Equal Consideration
  • Do not Auction Prices
  • Do not accept Gifts or Gratuities such as
    • Tickets to sporting or entertainment events
    • Golf outings
    • Expensive after hours dinners
  • Avoid Perception of Conflict of Interest
    • Do not place orders with relatives or firms with whom you have some ownership or relationship


  • Vendors must not charge higher prices for card Purchases
    • Violates their agreement with VISA
  • Indicate this is a SU Purchase
    • Ask for Educational/Governmental Discounts

Sales Tax Exemption

  • Indicate Purchases are Exempt for State of MD and DC Sales Tax
    • MD Tax #30002563
  • Most vendors shipping from another state to MD do not charge sales tax

When Phoning in an Order

  • Record the name of the person taking the order for questions in future
  • Request detailed receipt
  • Ask vendor to send invoices and receipts to your attention not Accounts Payable
  • If someone else picks up your order
    • They should not sign credit card slip, only receipt
    • Vendor signs credit card slip as Phone in Order


  • Shipping cost must be included in single purchase limit
  • May ship through Support Services
  • May Ship Direct
    • Whether having shipped to Support Services or Direct you should notify Support Services when placing order so that they will be able to identify when received.

Receipt of Shipments

  • Retain boxes until sure you will keep goods
  • Errors, problems contact vendor directly
  • Contact Vendor before returning goods
    • Return Authorization Number
    • Possible Restocking Fee