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FAQ's Procurement Talk

Did You Know That…

  • Our online/paperless Requisitioning System is now fully functioning. If you have not already been set up to use this powerful tool, please reach out to anyone in Procurement for a quick training session. We are asking for all requisitions that are submitted to a Procurement Office to go through this system which offers dozens of benefits over our old paper-based system including:
    • electronic signature approvals; no need to follow up with a hard copy or ink signature
    • the ability to attach relevant documents
    • the ability to search for relevant and historical information
    • all relevant information is saved and searchable for historical reference
  • Financial Services maintains a list of who can approve a requisition for each Department and for what dollar value. The most up to date information that we have is embedded in the Online Requisitioning System via a link. We realize that this list is very fluid. Please check to see if what we have listed for you and your Department is accurate.
  • Salisbury University has a purchasing card (ProCard) program for routine and small dollar purchases. Each Department is encouraged to have a ProCard holder. If you are interested in obtaining a ProCard, please contact Vicki McGinnis to schedule a training session.
  • We have specialized buying teams for IT and furniture items. Please contact one of these teams if you need to purchase either of these two types of commodities/supplies. It is important to remember that these areas can have pretty broad definitions. For example, the State of Maryland definition of furniture includes things like bookshelves, filing cabinets, and stools. If you are unsure if your need fits into one of these categories, please reach out directly to either the IT or the Support Services buying teams.
  • The Conflict of Interest provisions of the Public Ethics Law, Maryland Code Annotate, General Provisions, Title 5, Subtitle 5, applies to ALL State Employees. If you have

any involvement in the Procurement process (ProCard holder, ProCard reviewer, requisitioner, RFP technical reviewer, budget administrator, decision maker, etc.) you are strongly encouraged to read and become familiar with the provisions that govern our behavior. Please keep in mind that this includes accepting gifts of any kind from current, former or potential vendors.