Salisbury University students on campus

General ProCard Information

Purchases must be for the use and benefit of SU

SU purchasing card is used for the purchase of goods and services up to $5,000. To apply, please start the process via DocuSign.

SU Purchasing Card

Appropriate Uses for Purchasing Card

  • Subscriptions
  • Conference & Seminar Registration Fees with approval of University's Travel Coordinator
  • Books and Classroom Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Retail Store Purchases
  • Catalog Purchases
  • State and USM Contract Purchases

Prohibited Uses for Purchasing Card 

  • Personal Purchases (Anything for an employee’s personal use is prohibited)
    • Retirement and Bereavement cards/gifts
    • Coffee pots, creamer, sugar for personal use
    • Fans
    • Tissues and personal care items
    • Kitchenware
    • Airfare
  • Travel or Restaurants
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Computer Equipment/Software without approval of IT Director
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Cash Advances
  • Consultants and Speakers Fees/Honorariums (Person or Vendors using SS# rather than FEID#)
  • Donations
  • Entertainment Costs
  • Food or Meals
  • Furniture
  • Gifts
  • Interest/Finance Charges/Surcharge or additional fee added for credit card use
  • Paper Products that will continue to be available from Support Services
  • Office Products still on inventory in Support Services

Why Use a Purchasing Card?

  • Saves Time
  • Gives Campus Flexibility
  • Vendors Paid in 3 Days
  • Major Cost Avoidance for State-Issued Checks
  • University Allows to be Used up to $5,000

How Does the SU Purchasing Card Work?

  • Much like Personal Credit Card
  • Monthly bank statement available for download from bank. Contact Vicki McGinnis for more info.
  • State Pays Bank Automatically
  • Purchase Allocated to approved dept