Procard Purchase Documentation

Accounting | Daily Record Keeping | Monthly Visa Statement Reconciliation | Discrepancies | End of Month Review

  • Cardholder - Person responsible for charges on the card and the completion of purchase for the transaction log
  • Reviewer - Person responsible for reviewing appropriateness of charges
  • Remember - A reviewer may not review his/her own transactions

Procard Log (PDF)
Instructions for Completing the Procard Log (PDF)


  • Transactions are charged to a default Peoplesoft department ID on each card
  • Transactions will be reallocated by Cardholder or proxy on line in Peoplesoft

Daily Record Keeping

  • Complete SU Transaction Log (required)
    • Show enough detail to answer to an auditor why the purchase was made
  • Keep all documentation - Receipts, Packing Slips, Credits, etc. for purchase
  • May want to use envelope
  • Reconciliation of Procard transactions in Peoplesoft

Weekly a detail summary of transactions is provided to the cardholder

Monthly Visa Statement Reconciliation

  • VISA downloads data daily to the Procurement Card Management System Website
  • Monthly VISA Statement mailed directly to Cardholder


  • Doesn't appear on Visa Statement.
  • Transfer to next months log; should clear next statement.
  • Billed Erroneously
    • Contact Vendor to resolve discrepancy
  • If not satisfied, send disputed item form to Procurement within 30 days of statement

End of the Month Review

  • Be sure you were billed correctly
  • Reconcile VISA Statement
  • Sign the Purchasing Card Transaction Log
  • Put all receipts, related papers, log, & Visa statement together
  • Forward to your Departmental Reviewer
  • Forward all documentation to the PCPA (HH-222) no later than the 15th of the month following the statement date.