Salisbury University students on campus

Refund Policy and Refund Schedule Winter 2024

To be eligible for a refund, students must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office or drop classes online through the GullNet. (Students who withdraw from all classes through the GullNet should review their account to assure all adjustments are correct). Dormitory residents must cancel their room reservations at the Office of Housing and Residence Life and remove all personal belongings from their rooms. All students must turn in their I.D. cards to the Gull Card Office. A stop payment of a check, failure to pay your tuition bill, failure to attend class or failure to complete student check-in does not constitute withdrawal from your financial and academic obligations to the University.

The date the withdrawal form is received or the date a course is dropped is the official date for calculation of a refund. The refund table below specifies refund eligibility dates and applicable percentages. Students who withdraw from part of their courses with a grade of "W" (i.e. enrolled in 12 credits, withdraws from 3 credits) after the official drop/add period (01/04/2024 – 01/05/2024) are not eligible for a credit or refund for the dropped course(s). Questions about refunds should be directed only to the Cashier's Office. Appeals for exceptions must be in writing to the Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance, HH 228.

The University is not open on weekends or holidays for the purpose of withdrawal. However, you may access the GullNet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Refund Schedule Winter 2024

You must officially withdraw from all sessions (courses) within the semester in order to receive a refund.

Inclusive Date of Drop or Withdrawal Tuition Fees
January 4 - 5, 2024 100% 100%
January 6 - 7, 2024 80% None
January 8 - 9, 2024 40% None
January 10, 2024 and after None None

Return of Title IV Funds Policy for Financial Aid Recipients Who Withdraw

The federal government requires that when a Title IV aid recipient (Direct Stafford/Plus loan, Carl Perkins Loan, Pell Grant and SEOG) withdraws from the University during a period of enrollment in which the recipient began attendance, the University must calculate the percentage of Title IV assistance the student did not earn and return those funds to the federal government. Ex. A student completed 35% of semester; 65% of the semester was remaining and that percent of funds is considered unearned and are returned. Once 60 percent of the enrollment period has elapsed, 100 percent of the aid is determined to be earned and no calculation is required. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 410-543-6165 if you have any questions

Drop/Add and Refund Schedule

  • First Day of Classes: January 4
  • Drop/Add Period: January 4 - January 5 (100% less processing fee)
  • Pro-Rata Period: January 6 - January 9 (Must withdraw from all classes to be eligible for a refund at the appropriate pro-rata rate)
  • Schedule Adjustment: January 4 - 16 (Classes dropped with grade of "W" are not eligible for a refund)
  • Campus Closed: January 15 Martin Luther King Day
  • Session Dates: January 4-25, 2024