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Parking Services

All vehicles parking on Salisbury University property (for any amount of time) must have a registered parking permit with Parking Services. Please see below in the Parking Permit Purchases for students and employees. For Visitors, please visit the Visitor & Event Campus Parking section for a free permit.

In December 2021, Parking Services partnered with T2 for our permit and enforcement system. T2 was founded in 1994 with a goal of making parking better. Since then they have aligned with many universities, municipalities, and healthcare facilities to make parking easier and more efficient for all involved. Below is a link to FAQ. We are excited about our new partnership with T2.

Parking Permit Information

Student License Plate Recognition and Information Retention

Salisbury University has moved to license plate recognition in place of physical permits to ensure vehicles are authorized to park on campus effective December 2021. Parking Services will be using mounted cameras to scan license plates as valid permits and issue citations to vehicle without valid University permits or to vehicles not parking in the proper parking lots.

Parking is “Plates Out”. When parking on campus, drivers will be required to park with their license plate faces the driving lane so that it can be properly scanned. That means if you have a vehicle with one license plate, the license plate and the back of the vehicle will need to face the parking lane – no backing in or pulling through. This will allow for greater efficiencies in regard to enforcement.

A parking registration gives you permission to park in your assigned lot but does not guarantee a parking spot. Permits are valid for the entire academic year. Permits are not pro-rated if purchased after the academic year has started.

  • Students are only allowed to register one vehicle on a permit.
  • Motorcycles and vehicles must be registered on separate permits.
  • Students cannot share a registration.
  • Registration is available on-line only. The new academic year permits will open May 30, 2023 in a staggered format based on credit hours that students have received credit for on the day of registration.
  • When adding vehicle license plate information – do not includes spaces, dashes, or symbols.
  • The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the license plate information at the time the parking permit is obtained.
  • License plates must face the driving lane to be scanned for compliance. A vehicle may be cited if its plate cannot be scanned.
  • Vehicles with only one license plate are not authorized to back in or pull through spaces and may be cited.
  • Citations issued due to inaccurate plate information or the inability to scan are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Refunds for permits and waiving of citations will not be done for plates entered inaccurately.
  • Please contact Parking Services for guidance if your vehicle information changes after registering for a permit.

Parking Permit Purchases

New students, upperclassmen, and graduate students will have the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for the upcoming academic year in a staggered format based on credit hours starting May 30, 2023. All parking permits (except Motorcycle permits) must be purchased online. The permit cost may be posted to the student account’s Fall bill or paid for immediately by card (plus the convenience fee).

Permits may be purchased through the permit system by accessing the SU Parking Portal (the link below):

Salisbury University Parking Portal

The parking permit could be paid at the time of registration with a credit/debit card (plus the convenience fee) or the charge could be placed on your GullNet student account.  You will only be able to select permit types for which you are eligible during your purchasing timeframe.  Once the allotment of permits is depleted for a particular area/permit type, sales for that permit type will stop and will not be listed as a purchase option.  Once you have completed the online permit registration process, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

A limited number of parking garage and main campus parking permits will be available. The permits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis as follows:

Tuesday, May 30, 20238am: Undergraduate students with 90 or more credits, graduate students or graduate assistants. Freshman students (0-29 earned credits) and students interested in evening-only or east campus permits.

Tuesday, June 6, 20238am: Undergraduate students with 60 or more credits.

Tuesday, June 13, 20238am: Undergraduate students with 30 or more credits.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Parking Services at
410-543-6338 or 410-543-6060.

2023-2024 Permit sales are purchased online beginning May 30, 2023 based on class standing (i.e., credits earned at the time of purchase). Click on the “Parking Permit Purchase & Vehicle Registration Form” in the left margin above.

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New Spring Permits

Spring 2023 admitted students (transfer, Freshmen, and Graduate) will be able to register for parking permits January 9, 2023. Freshmen will only be able to register for East Campus permits. Graduate and transfer students may register for Main Campus or Garage permits if they qualify with their credit hours and if the permits are available. Since there are a limited number of Main Campus and Garage Permits, the option may not be available at the time of registration if those permits are sold out.

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Upgrading a Permit

If you purchased a parking permit for the Fall 2023 semester, you may have the opportunity to upgrade in January 2024 to a different permit. Upgrades will be available for an online waitlist starting January 3, 2024. To upgrade a parking permit, please access the permit system to get on the waitlist permit system to get on the waitlist

You will only be able to select permit types for which you are eligible. Once the allotment of permits is depleted for a particular area/permit type, sales for that permit type will stop and will not be listed as a purchase option. The difference in price will be placed on your GullNet student account.

Parking Permit Upgrade Schedule:

  • Monday, January 3, 2024: Graduate students and Undergraduate students with 90 or more earned credits.
  • Tuesday, January 4, 2024: Undergraduate students with 60 or more earned credits.
  • Wednesday, January 5, 2024: Undergraduate students with 30 or more earned credits

Once the allotment of permits is depleted for a particular Waitlist area/permit type, sales for that permit type will stop.

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General Parking Information

  • All vehicles on campus (day or evening) must be registered with Parking Services and must display a valid permit.
  • Visitors MUST register for a Visitor Parking Pass. Passes may be obtained free of charge by using the following the link to the permit system: https://salisburyparkingpermits.t2hosted.com/Account/Portal
  • Handicap spaces are designated in each parking lot and are specifically reserved for vehicles with handicap license plates/placards. All vehicles are required to be registered for a visitor’s permit as well as display the handicap tag/placard.
  • Review our  campus access ADA map. Also keep in mind that we do not distribute handicap parking placards. Parking services is able, with adequate documentation from a qualified provider, to give a three-week temporary pass for a student until they can obtain a pass from the MVA.

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Parking Accommodations

  • Students may request on-campus parking accommodations through the Disability Resource Center. Through an interactive process, DRC staff meet with each student individually to discuss their parking request and the likely impact of their disability on their educational experiences at Salisbury University (SU). Parking Services may issue temporary parking privileges without documentation from DRC to students with obvious disabilities (i.e., casts, crutches, or other mobility aids). Parking Services reserves the right to refer students to the DRC if additional information is necessary to determine reasonable accommodations. 

    DRC Temporary Accommodation Application


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Citation Fee's

  • $100 Fraudulent Display of a Permit
  • $100 Displaying Counterfeit Permit
  • $100 Parked in a Handicap Space
  • $80 Multiple Vehicle Violation (parking multiple vehicles registered to one permit on campus at the same time)
  • $80 Failure to Register Vehicle/Display Permit (no valid parking permit while parking SU paring lots or not parking with the license plate facing the driving lane)
  • $80 No Parking Area (Grass or Landscape Area, Non-Designated Space, Yellow Curb, Roadway, Fire Lane, or Loading Zone)
  • $60 Improper Parking Area (Parked in Reserved Space or Lot Not Assigned for the Assigned Permit)
  • $10 Parked in More Than 1 Space
  • $10 Meter Violation

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New Parking System FAQ’s