Salisbury University students on campus

Meal Plan Changes & Refunds

Meal Plan addition/changes are now done online. Log into the student GullNet account and follow this path:

Self Service>Campus Finances>Add/Change a Meal Plan

Inclusive Date of Drop or Withdrawal Refund
Week 1: Until August 30 100%
Week 2: August 31 - September 6 80%
Week 3: Until September 7 - 13 60%
Week 4: Until September 14 - 20 40%
Week 5: Until September 21 - 27 20%
Week 6: Until September 28 - October 4 0%

Meal Plan Changes First Week of Classes

During the first week of classes, through the last day of drop/add, students can upgrade or downgrade their meal plans. Students living on campus are required to have the A or B meal plan. Chesapeake Hall residents may also choose the C or D meal plan. Sea Gull Square residents may choose any meal plan (A-E). When an upgrade or downgrade occurs, students will be charged $12.50 per meal eaten and Dining Dollars used plus a $25.00 processing fee. If a student upgrades to the unlimited plan, no meal usage will be charged, but Dining Dollars used would be charged.

Meal Plan Changes After First Week of Classes

Meal plan changes after the first week of classes require approval of the UDS Director. If additional meals are needed students have two options of purchase. An add-on of the 75 or 45 Block Meal Plan, or students may also add extra Dining Dollars to an existing plan and receive a 10% bonus in Dining Dollars to every dollar added. Students who haven’t purchased a meal plan may do so at any time during the semester. Meal plans are not prorated.

Meal Plan Drop/Withdrawal

Students who drop/withdrawal from a meal plan will be charged $11.75 per meal eaten and any Dining Dollars used. Any remaining Dining Dollars will be forfeited. The meal plan credit would be based on the Meal Plan Refund Schedule, as long as the students’ usage of meals and Dining Dollars do not exceed their net charge.