PATHWAYS 2018 Cohort

PATHWAYS 2018 Cohort group photo

From left to right: Nicholas Bennett (Salisbury University), Rachel Dean (Wor-Wic Community College), Angela Whidbee (Wor-Wic Community College), Taylor Frederick (Wor-Wic Community College), Zoë Siers (Salisbury University), Daniela Digena (Salisbury University), Tayler Smith (Wor-Wic Community College), Jonathan Kurtz (Salisbury University)

Undergraduate Research Projects for Summer 2018 (June 4-August 10)

Research Topic SU Faculty Mentor
Exploring the Roles of Variation and Expectation in Children’s Learning of Probability (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jathan Austin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Building Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jennifer Bergner, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Helping Third Graders Interpret and Make Sense of Word Problems (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Claudia Burgess, Department of Early and Elementary Education
Learning about Statistical Distributions and Typical Values in Sixth Grade (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Randall Groth, Department of Secondary and Physical Education