PATHWAYS 2014 Cohort

PATHWAYS 2014 Cohort picture

From left to right:
Silviya Gallo (Wor-Wic Community College), Alexis Perno (Salisbury University), Andrea Widdowson (Wor-Wic Community College), Ebony Hitch (University of Maryland-Eastern Shore),
Kristen Kent (Salisbury University), Nicole Herrin (Salisbury University), Felicia Depeña (Wor-Wic Community College), Lindsay Gordon (Salisbury University)

* * *

Undergraduate Research Projects for Summer 2014 (June 2-August 8)

Research Topic SU Faculty Mentor
Fourth-grade students' learning of fractions (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jathan Austin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Fourth-grade students' learning of operations and algebraic thinking (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jennifer Bergner, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Fifth-grade students' learning of number and operations in base ten (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Claudia Burgess, Department of Teacher Education
Sixth-grade students' learning of statistics and probability (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Randall Groth, Department of Education Specialties