Salisbury University students on campus

PATHWAYS 2016 Cohort

2016 pathways cohort

From left to right: Matthew Jones (Salisbury University), Mary Knaub (Wor-Wic Community College), Caitlin Cody (Wor-Wic Community College), Julia Pendola (Salisbury University), Kayla Davis (Wor-Wic Community College), Emily Hawthorne (Salisbury University), Britni Ilczuk (Wor-Wic Community College), David Bright (Salisbury University)

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Undergraduate Research Projects for Summer 2016 (June 6-August 12)

Research Topic SU Faculty Mentor
Developing Fifth-Graders' Understanding of Fraction Multiplication (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jathan Austin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
A Path Toward Multiplicative Reasoning with Understanding (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Jennifer Bergner, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
An Exploration of Students' Base-Ten Concepts (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Claudia Burgess, Department of Teacher Education
Learning to Use Appropriate Tools Strategically for Bivariate Data Analysis (abstract) (poster) (oral presentation) Dr. Randall Groth, Department of Education Specialties