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SU Cares

This SU Cares website is designed to be a centralized clearinghouse for some resources students may need to help them succeed at SU. Although some resources may be offered and supervised by departments outside of Student Affairs, all resources and services represent SU’s unwavering commitment to show students that we are inclusive and care about them as human beings.

Medical Withdrawal Process Emergency Absence Policy

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What is SU Cares?

SU Cares is our ethos for serving and supporting students from pre-enrollment to commencement. Students are our number 1 priority and we want all our Sea Gulls to feel welcome, appreciated, and supported through graduation. At SU, a student is never alone when struggling with a demanding situation.

SU Cares works with students and university, family, and community partners to create an environment where every Sea Gull can achieve maximum potential. Specifically, SU Cares is also:

  • a principled strategy for promoting coordinated and holistic approaches to supporting students developmentally and
  • an approach to enhancing collaborations between institutional colleagues and student affairs practitioners/educators to support student success.

SU Cares is not a program that students join. SU Cares is who we are as an institution.


Our Vision

We envision students as resilient and successful life-long learners making healthy life choices.

Our Mission

We provide exceptional and culturally-responsive support and empowerment services to students from pre-enrollment to commencement and to our community of compassionate faculty and staff.

Our Values

With program completion and life-long learning at our core, we value, care deeply about, and will not compromise on the following:

  • Student’s health, safety, and well-being
  • Positive and healthy relationships with students and their designated family members
  • Collaborative relationships with colleagues, resource professionals, and family members who share our ethos
  • Resilience
  • Decency and civility

Our Strategic Goals

Inspired by the university’s and division’s strategic plans, our strategic goals are to:

  • Enrich academic success and student development. (Aligned with strategic plan goal 1)
  • Deepen engagement with our community. (Aligned with strategic plan goal 4)
  • Promote resiliency and personal wellness. (Aligned with strategic plan goal 1)

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of receiving SU Cares services and/or informational resources, Sea Gulls will be able to:

  • Name and explain at least three effective, safe, and healthy coping strategies that promote resilience and success (short-term and long-term).
  • Find and access on- and off-campus resources to assist with navigating personal and academic challenges (short-term).
  • Overcome personal, academic, or professional difficulties with confidence through and beyond program completion (long-term). This learning outcome is based on students’ ability to name, explain, find, and access resources to assist with coping strategies.

Scope of Practice – Our Core Services

SU Cares does not provide therapeutic clinical intervention or healthcare. Information shared is not confidential (i.e., not protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)). For confidential therapeutic counseling, contact the Counseling Center or for confidential healthcare, contact the Health Center.

Core Services Students Campus Family Community
SU Cares individual or family consultation. We listen to concerns and explore together resources and coping strategies. Offered to students and faculty, staff, and family members supporting students.  
Assistance with medical withdrawal process. Appropriate documentation must be received from student, care provider, or authorized individual.    
Absence notification letters when students are unable to communicate with faculty. Letters are only communications to faculty. Faculty make final decisions regarding instructional matters. Students must follow policies and procedures outlined in the Emergency Absence Policy on the Course-related Policies and Resources website.    
SU Cares outreach presentations. We meet with groups and campus departments to explain who we are and what we do.
Crisis support. We support students in crisis as needed and offer support to the Counseling Center, University Police, Coordinated Care and Response Team (CCRT), faculty, and staff who may also need support helping a student in crisis.

Crisis intervention agencies

Wellness Checks. We may need to check on a student’s wellbeing based on reports we receive from any individual caring about a student.
Referrals. We help students and family members get connected to appropriate campus and off-campus resources and services to provide additional support services based on need.    


Data Metrics: Critical Measures of Success (CMS)

Success, effectiveness, and excellence will be, in part, determined by the extent to which we achieve and exceed measurable outcomes and expectations and align with industry standards:

  • Service delivery outcomes across various demographics
  • Satisfaction with services outcomes (80% target)
  • Academic success outcomes (i.e., retention and graduation for students receiving services)
  • Student learning outcomes (e.g., evidence of linking with appropriate resources, behavior change)
  • Stakeholder satisfaction outcomes (80% target)
  • Self-assessment evidence related to professional standards established by Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), Higher Education Case Managers’ Association (HECMA), or other appropriate professional agencies.

To review annual, assessment, and other reports, click here.


Medical Withdrawal Process

Delays or denials may occur if all steps are not followed.

Warning: Each student is responsible for contacting the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships PRIOR to submitting withdrawal to discuss how a medical withdrawal will impact financial aid.


  1. Log in through Gullnet.
  2. Look to the left side menu and select “Withdraw from the University”.
  3. Once selected, select the appropriate semester.
  4. Complete the information.
  5. Toward the bottom of the form, for the question “Primary reason for withdrawal” select “Medical” option. A dialogue box will appear to indicate you must provide medical documentation to the Division of Student Affairs which is the contact office for the Case Manager.
  6. Complete the remainder of the form and click submit.

Request an SU Cares Presentation

To request an SU Cares presentation about who we are and what we do, send an email to or call Student Affairs at 410-543-6080. Please provide: (1) type of presentation needed; (2) date, time, location; and (3) contact person.


Resources: How can we help?

Academic Assistance

Accessibility and Accommodations


Career and Professional Development

Childcare (for parenting students)

Clothing Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance

Enrolling or Re-enrolling

Food Assistance

Health, Wellness, and Personal Care

Housing Assistance

Policies and Procedures

Veteran Support Services


Still Can’t Find What You’re Looking for?

Not all services and resources are listed. If what you need is not above, visit the Student Affairs website or email or call our office at 410-543-6080


Tiffany Arrington, M.A., SU Cares Program Manager

Isabella Chow, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs